What we do

Our work starts with books, with the structure of the library, a space where it is possible to share knowledge. This space is the primary tool for us to achieve more significant changes in the children and youth of the community. The library is the first step in designing a child's empowerment trajectory.

Our strategy is based on five pillars:

1. Book: Providing quality books and library infrastructure
By donating selected literature books, mats, and bookcases, communities can manage and preserve their libraries (either staying inside local schools or having their own headquarters).

2. Mediator: Training reading aloud mediators
Connecting books to people by training families, educators, and community members as reading-aloud mediators. And training volunteers and local leaders to multiply Vaga Lume’s methodology.

3. Community Engagement: Supporting community engagement
Through identifying community leaders and volunteer mobilization, we support the community to create a sense of ownership to the libraries.

4. Local Culture: Treasuring local culture through the production of handmade books
Strengthening the culture of each community by encouraging the creation of an artisanal book made by the communities with local stories and tellings as a form of cultural heritage.

5. Cultural Exchange: Net Program
Promotion of intercultural dialogue between Brazilian Southeast region and Amazon students in an experience to share youngsters’ identities and perspectives.

  • Over 109,000 children, youngsters, and adults impacted since 2001
  • 160.000 books distributed
  • More than 888 volunteers engaged
  • 4,714 youngsters from different realities have met each other
  • Over 5,000 trained reading mediators
  • 25 congresses with a network of volunteers